I am a strange type of person who finds it hard to keep up a certain amount of momentum, I have become sporadic in 2017, I did get around to publishing another eBook full of humorous and dangerous poetry , Just a Touch of Ginger touches on the subject of mental health and how more and more people are suffering from a long list of illnesses that seem to have become too popular in the last ten years, the book is how a Punk group keep me going for these last twenty years, fuelling the will to live , even that became sporadic.
Sometimes I think I should stop writing because I have done enough some of my words have been read on the other side of the world which for a loser like me is well done, sometimes I just feel that I am losing touch with everything that is real, but in the end nothing seems real ,all the fairy tales have disintegrated, the famous rock star got depressed and committed suicide, the greatest actress of our time had to get raped to be where she is now, top of the pops become a paedophile breeding ground and basically everything we hoped for was rotten to the core.
The desire to be free of a daily grind to work, let’s sing and tell the world how we think of it, but by the time the record companies get hold of you ,the third album might sell a million copies but it’s like drinking wine diluted down with water, it just has no substance, the cinemas are just making remakes of remakes, the television is just one contradictory Netflix serial and the game shows are where only the sponsors win and the cheap smiles are wiped off our faces.
How can poetry compete in this cruel treacherous world, how can anything authentic can survive in this world of lies, only a book with a multimillion pound advertising campaign can get anywhere, so what is the point of me tweeting hello and expecting a rain of praise, it’s not going to happen, not to a poet not to some irrelevant not to someone so fucking stupid like me.
So why do I continue to write, for the 100 or so people who follow my every footstep? Maybe the writing is my therapy but the rewards are a knife in the back, maybe someone ready my work might feel better or energised , so I should continue for them? While the people laugh at my boring long-winded introductions and my pointless points of view.
I feel a weight on me and that weight means stop writing on the other hand somebody says don’t you dare!

My new ebook “Just a Touch of Ginger ” available here.

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just a touch of ginger
just a touch of ginger