We do stupid things, we do stupid things for attention, in the recent almost hurricane storm Ophelia after days of the authorities pleading with the public not to venture outside, what do those people do?, drive around looking for a great photo opportunity, kite surfing on the beach , dancing with a chain saw, how can people be so stupid?, we have seen so much storm news in this great age of 24 hr news channels, storms kill, water drowns, and trees are not made of sponge, they crush, they maim they kill, so next time you would think it’s fun to drive around while the schools roof is bashing around your back garden don’t, you are putting other people at risk as well, next time a storm comes a knocking, hide under your bed!
We do stupid things to further our careers , I think it is so sad and frustrating in this new age of equal rights the ladies still have to humiliate themselves in getting further up the ladder, why aren’t such things controlled more? Why aren’t they punished more, what starts as a private dinner may end up as lifelong torture, why can’t the really talented people get the better opportunities without licking ass or sucking cock?
We do stupid things, in what has become a fake world, a superficial world so many stupid things mean so much, but we are not to blame, in this digital world we are punished and processed we are photo shopped and cruel to one another, we all have to be beautiful, we all have to be talented and we all need to know how to manipulate the social media, when we were at school we had a few best friends and a few other school friends but in this new age of greed we need to show the world how popular we are, tens of thousands of friends all wanting to know what kind of socks you are wearing today, we have been force-fed the media spiral and now at 12 years old you are a super star with your frilly Hello Shitty socks and your eatable eyeliner.

someone has made a home

We do stupid things and some people write poetry, some people don’t like poetry, poets are not true writers? Are we? We write a poem it gets used for an exam and then you get physical abuse on twitter, this means there is no respect anymore between reader and writer, most of the time we write our thoughts down, our opinions, our beliefs and it is our feelings, if you have nothing in common with these type of ideas it does not give you the right to question with vulgar ways the nature of the writer, we love debate, but it has to be in a mature logically way, the writer may not be always correct, he might get his facts wrong, but if you are from Galloway you don’t have the right to abuse the red-haired singer because he said the pub was in the wrong place, us writers write, we make things up, we make the good better, and the bad worse, that is what we do, we have always done, every story ever written has been manipulated for better or worse, and every film has added irrelevant details into the mix and the bloggers are cruel and they declare war on the cinema, on the screenwriter or the miserable fucking poet. Use your fucking imagination instead of wanking behind a computer screen.
We do stupid things, maybe it was a good idea at the time but in the end our flaws are what make us human, if we had no flaws then that would make us robots, and robots are crap at poetry.