Waking up to face a new day, the refreshing shower does not refresh you as much as it should because you know that you will be dirty again within the hour, the breakfast cereal is tasteless and the once natural milk has been watered down to something that looks like rain water.
Into the open and the sky is full of colours like the day is full of hope, mainly because it is still a new day, searching the colours in the amber sky, between the clouds and the rising sun, white fades to grey , tangled with wisps of red and orange, in-between I see something like blue almost turquoise.
The kids are going to school at this early hour, all full of makeup and therefore ready for the next sudden selfie, they are unusually boisterous and full of smiles like they are teenage Wiganers on a pub crawl, the usual cars fly by with no regard to safety or gravity, all too big for their driver to understand, all machines of death, just waiting for a distraction, maybe from the driver tweeting to his lover, or the old lady tripping over a curb, death is a narrow line even in this innocent time of the morning.
The birds sing cheerfully hopping from branch to branch like the living twigs were boiling with desire, the pavements full of the shit from the birds, leaving a stench and a slippery surface, nobody will clean up the mess until someone slips and breaks a tooth, rolling around in agony whilst getting covered in a white film of excrement .
The water from the fountain washes the windscreen of the cars which were target practise for the birds, windows smeared with shit , angry drivers upset because their beloved car is dirty again, don’t they know there are bigger problems to face in this new day? The water pours down to the cobbled road where in the corner the sewer grill should drain the town square from water but it is clogged from the leaves of the trees and various used condoms and therefore a stubborn puddle is formed, a mix of oil and grease, blood and sperm the mosquitoes dance lovingly on the multi-coloured surface, which in places is almost turquoise.
The bankers and students are rushing for the waiting train, they are late again so they run with a hop and jump as they tried to be quick but at the same trying to dodge the shit smeared from the innocent dogs who just had to crap, but their useless owners are too docile to clean up their mess, for them a dog is just a trophy to show off in the parks and squares, obviously you can’t work for your slave.
The bars are all serving coffee to the people who still abide to the ancient traditions of a light breakfast, once upon a time you choose from an espresso or a cappuccino and a cornetto with or without filling, now we have 32 types of hot drink ranging from the obvious to the outrageous from ginseng to juice of the unicorn, the cornetto are now made from everything from wheat to cat hair all those types of food to choose from but the customer is never really happy
I look back at the sky the sun is a little higher the colours have changed some more, in the distant the misty marshes are humid yet cool and this mixes with the strange atmosphere this morning, everything is surreal, everything cannot be real, there is so much that can go right today, yet I fear that something bad lingers in the wings just waiting for the right moment, I study the colours, the differences the shades, the options, the contours searching for the sea in the sky, searching for the turquoise in the blue.