Tracey was just an average young lady working in a diner in another grey American town that seemed to be soulless, nothing ever happened in Timber Lake, there was nothing exciting at all, that is why Tracey took this job to earn some money and get out of that town.

Months had turned to years and now she felt trapped in that diner, she was the joke of the town, how come an English lass ended up in the back of beyond? Most of the customers only dreamed of England and obviously she was the target of many jokes, this made her life even more frustrating and made the lady even more hostile.

That all changed one day when an explosion erupted on 13th avenue knocking her out of her usual daydream, she was faced with life changing choices, facing life or death choices, when she asked for some excitement in this town this was definitely not what she had in mind.

Can Tracey survive all that was happening in what seemed to be a lifeless neighbourly town in America? Will her gritty nature and dry sarcasm be the death of her? Will she be able to overcome all the odds that were stacked high against her? The author invites you to Timber Lake where there are more secrets than dreams.