This Halloween I am going to stare you stiff
I am going to tingling your bony little spine
It is going to be spooky and internatural
I am going to make up some words that rhyme

I am going to make you stare and hide under your bed
My stark warning you will not heed
I will be the barbed voice running through your head
I am going to make your internal organs bleed

This Halloween
I am going to be mean
I am going to bring the skeletons out of the closet
This Halloween
Is my eternal Halloween
I am going to bounce up and down up on it

The horror and the shock of the way I write
No structure no flow and no rhyme
I am the goose that goes bump in night
I am the broken and damage book spine

My decisions will make you quiver and shiver in your boots
The way I live my life is just one of a hell hound
When you are horribly terrible and you stick to your roots
When there are so many lies all around

This Halloween
I am going to be obscene
I will show you my true reflection
This Halloween
Is my fucking Halloween
A tortured soul in detention

I am every little rumour and every murmur you brought upon yourself
I am the question everyone wishes to ask by the Ouija board
I am that never ending sequel with that never ending demon
But I am not the reason you left the cinema tired and bored

I am the blood lust by the flickering candlelight
I am the cackle of the witch with her new antique wart
I am the black cat so upset with the way you’ve labelled me
But I am not all the plastic garbage bought for Halloween at Walmart

This Halloween
I am going to be supreme
I am going to knock the Disney out of the scene
This Halloween
Will be a zombie Halloween
Dedicated to the directors now in the afterlife
When you go down to the woods today you are going to have a huge surprise
There will be no little Red Riding Hood and Miss Muffet has cooked the spider
And a Sleeping Beauty got insomnia after she was raped by Prince Charming
Cinderella was caught poisoning her misunderstood stepsisters
Snow White got high on cocaine and got pregnant by a vertically challenged drifter
And all the time we forgot to rhyme and the big bad wolf went over the moon

So many stories have evolved and turned into a soulless soap opera
Vampires are now cute and friendly and sip on artificial blood
The werewolves now have well-conditioned manes and no chest hair
Even the Mummy has changed its cloths and turned over to be good

This Halloween
I am going to be mean
I am going to show you the bitter truth
This Halloween
Just like most Halloweens
We forgot the real meaning of the story

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from
Every event how large or small has been brutalised and commercialised
From Christmas to Easter and this Halloween
The real meaning has been butchered and radicalised

So this Halloween
Don’t be a dead teen
Remember there is some spirituality
This Halloween
On All Hallows’ eve
We shouldn’t forget the reality


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