Have you ever tried to untie a stubborn knot but after lots of swearing and cursing, fuming and spitting, using dangerously sharp objects , just when you think you are winning you realise there are two knots instead of one? That is life I am afraid no matter how you try to make things as easy or as simple as possible something goes pear-shaped and you are in bigger trouble than before.

Life is a mess.

What can I say, hopefully my work or writings are not getting monotonous but I see life and some days I hate life, it is so complicated, but life is not complicated because you are born, you grow you die, easy, it is just getting through the tangled web of humanity and interaction of every day that sucks big time , that is what I call the geo effect and I have written a book about that.

We are all , apart from astronauts , anchored to this rock called earth, something called gravity, so we just cannot crawl up our own asses and not talk to anyone ever again, for us to survive we have to interact, somebody will phone you, more likely wanting your money, people will smile at you in the shops, mainly because it is writing into their work ethic, it is all shallow and meaningless in the end but we all have to play this game together nicely, which never happens.

If someone is having a bad day and is very pissed off then that feeling will in the end influence the mood of the person he will meet in the street or workplace, it is a chain reaction, one smile and everyone smiles this is the Geo effect. It is a huge phenomenon one little feeling changes the lives of a billion people, it is a little ripple that turns into a huge wave. I wish this ripple effect was used to promote my poetry but nobody shares my work with their pets nevermind their best friend.

Humans are such a complicated and frustrating specimen we are deep and dark, we are ugly in the ways we treat one another, we can be so bad and evil and some people have more than one screw loose, it is sad to see so much unhappiness around, but we are too busy thinking and being paranoid, if I said hello to a women I did not know in the street obviously a thousand questions will be born, hey it is just a hello I was not looking at your arse or asking you to dinner, a hello is a hello.

Well I got some ideas down in poetry form, the Geo effect basically it is my thoughts and my past and a bundle of spiky words that will hopefully make you think.

Remember to smile and if you are generous you could also share. Here are the links to Geo.

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