it’s a huge universe and so much more
it’s impossible to meet and greet door by door
so we read what we can to wet your appetite
hoping the little green man comes visiting tonight
don’t be afraid we all are curious like cats
sit down, have a drink we’ll talk about this and that
and the universe had a lot of stories to tell
each individual has lts own living hell
so when everyone is a billion miles away
doesn’t mean that they didn’t want to stay
but home comforts are sometimes so soothing
stops the emotional rot which we get when we’re constantly moving

Hold your head up high and count the stars above
Imagine all those souls up there endless searching for love
So many creatures looking for a purpose to live
The only want to grow old and to forgive
We all are looking at the stars in the night
Wondering how large and wonderful the universe is
How many diamonds can you find for free?
How many souls could rivitalise me?
Hidden in the skies behind a electromagnetic storm
So many aliens so beautiful in each and every form
No matter if you have one brain or maybe two
Everyone needs the right person next to you
We would cross the stars and enter the void
To find life on the most desolate asteroid
When black holes start to fuck up your day
Starting to suck the light out your ways
It takes a galactic force of will to resist
To break out of the pull and the cosmic mist
It’s a huge universe and so much more
So many dangers to make you agitated and raw
There are crueler things in another Life
Lack of oxygen may add to your strife
But when you feel dizzy and space sick
You look to the stars real quick
Inspired by the knowledge you’re not alone
Standing tall with renewed strength again
Recharged just like a solar fuelled satellite
Breathing easy as the day it turns to night
On an alien planet with numerous moons
But the story always ends too soon
And the universe wants you at the centre tonight
It wants to hold you so to make things seem alright
You shouldn’t take the world and discard the broken ways
Remember the universe and a million ways to be amazed.