He was a little bit lazy
But he had big ideas in his head
He was a new romantic dreamer
He was plagued and painted red
Never fitted in the right hole
Never got to see the hairy hole
Never until he got his wits together
Then it was whenever and however
Come what may and altogether
To sail the succulent seas better
Just a nuisance boy
Stroking on his new found toy

It was so hard in those early days
It was a sticky situation in many ways
Going blind on a milky way
Finding out new methods every day
Never imagined it would be trouble
Never indulged in more than a puddle
Never until the whole dam burst
Then it was streaming and dreaming
Coming on the curved horizons
To sail on through the oriental night
Just a nuisance boy
Proud of his skinny new toy

It was hard to fathom what the world was coming to
When the whole damn nation had a rampant urge to screw
An epidemic that boiled over into forbidden pots
Lots of middle aged men had lost their plot
A weird sensation and a craving or a desire
Some turned sicker when their fetishes got harder
But those on the straight and narrow heading to thighs apart
Being a rampant gentleman is becoming a dying art

It was looking for the fulcrum in the voluptuous vulva
It was a full time job with overtime
It was laying on your back , looking at two blue stars
Deep inside a dream and closer to your lover
Never did you think it could be like this
Never did you wonder of this fine bliss
Never until you discovered the forbidden fruit
Then it was whenever and however
Come what may and come together
To ride onto passionate plains
So I am the nuisance boy…

And I am on the hunt for pastures new
Hunger for the adrenaline
That will easily pour out of you
When I finally get my way
Cherishing the moments from yesterday
Being the charmer and gentleman
Never insisting just a innuendo so polite
Never dragging you home every night
Never until you beg me to burrow deep
I will be past your bed time and your lack of sleep
Sipping on wine when we pause for thought
To grin childishly and get aroused once again
Let me be the nuisance boy
Just don’t be shy, don’t be coy .