Winter wonderland here is a rare sight
But one day we found it snowed in the night
A crisp thin blanket of pure blinding white
The angels looked down on the playful sight

As we follow two different foot prints in the snow
Little plastic wellington boots are aglow
Snowball fighting and there were smiles all around
They did not see the wolf coming in a torrent of rage

The wolf was blinded by hate and jealousy
The wolf was meant to be their rock and security
The wolf was not meant to be so blood thirsty and cruel
The wolf destroyed all that was before his savage eyes

The community looked on in shock and fright
The wolf was no longer the sheriff but the thief
Stealing innocent hearts from this planet earth
The same little hearts he assisted at their birth

The footprints are now indistinguishable in the melting snow
There was a fight as the slush mixed with the mud
Nobody could stop the wolf armed to its teeth
Now the community watches with bewilderment and grief

Their mother fighting for her life in a hospital bed
Maybe not knowing her children are dead
Feeling pain, feeling guilt , feeling raw
She will contemplate why she has to live some more

Most people could see this coming
Sadly it was not such a surprise
The authorities only do something
When someone innocent dies
Carabinieri the protectors of society
Put a gun into the hands of an unstable man
They watched him morally collapse day by day
And now death has taken him away

Footprints in the muddy snow leading up to the stars
Two little sisters grew wings and floated away
Looking down to their mummy hoping they will meet soon
Sat in the darkness hoping for the light of the moon

Confused with daddy what did they do so wrong
Was it the snowballs or just playing out in the cold?
They just wanted to be a normal happy family
Making footprints in the snow or the sand.

As the rains came and washed away every trace of the snow
A funeral procession with tears and so much anger
A community forlorn missing deeply their angels
Empty are their mittens, scarves and wellington boots.


dedicated to Alessia and Martina, cruelly taken away from this world. 28/02/2018