You’ve drank too much
And gained a pot belly
You have less hair now
And your bell ends smelly
You could give up the booze
And slim yourself down
But that would not change things
With the cunts in this town

It’s about looking deep into the mirror
Those cracks need some polyfilla
But it’s still you in that aging skin
Who cares if you can’t fit in
Just remember who the fuck you are

You’ve lost your friends due to lack of respect
You have water on your knee and beer on tap
You are a long way from home, wherever that may be
You are only well known for taking crap
You are rarely found out on the town
To tires to socialise when the sun goes down
Folded up in a grumpy way feeling down on your luck
Trying to show the world you didn’t give a fuck

It’s about trying to find the old pieces of you
In the shattered remains of your dreams
It’s about trying to love the hatred in yourself
From the desperate times in your teens
When you were controversial as a cunt can be

Feeling bitter as you swat at flies
Reading the news seeing only lies
Your favourite band broke up or died
The last physical touch was when you cried
Your bad breath is not as bad as your foul mouth
You try to be polite but shit spews out
You feel so distant from the youngsters of today
You don’t understand anything they say

People make you feel self-conscious
You don’t just look shit in the morning
You try to chat about the mundane things
That is all bullshit and ever so boring
You just find it hard to remember who you are

It’s been so long since you made a promise
To love yourself and take it easy as well
To stop slitting wrists and strangling the future
To stop flushing out the poisoned liver with bleach
A scratch is never deep enough to be a scar
The scabs will never last more than they should
Erotic pleasures have become a long distance fluke
You only get splinters when playing with withered wood

It’s about looking back and remembering when
Distant memories and the poisonous pen
Trying to find the old soul looking through
Trying to be honest and humble in what you do
But most of all
Just remember who the fuck you are!