Feeling down and a little damp
A little bit hairy just like a tramp
Too weak to pull a muscle
Too sick to tease a worm
Got yourself wrapped in cotton wool
And during the night you squirm

Come on down to the new generation of disco
You will feel fine so unleash another orgasmo
Got yourself pulsing like some electronic android
Stand up to attention my loyal clitaroid

Get it to sparkle with a little spit and polish
Get it smooth with a little Indian garnish
Take it on the longest ride home
You do know all roads lead to Rome
There is no danger so don’t slam the button
A delicacy is sheep eyes not dressed up as mutton
No need for fancy dress you look great tonight
No time to squander if you are doing it right

Come on through to the new kind of hero
You will be mine buried with my ego
I will take you to the deepest darkest void
Stand up to attention my loyal clitaroid

With a little pink feather duster
Tickle my chops was all you could muster?
Don’t be high just come down some more
Some women enjoy lying on the bathroom floor
We all loved to play a game called hide and seek
Not that we are older we play every week
Riding through the valley to a marvellous Golden spot
A pleasure to thrill with a tongue lashing bot

Come on out let’s see what it’s about
No time to be discreet so scream and shout
Let’s get to the point and don’t get annoyed
Stand up to attention my loyal clitaroid

With the lights on we get to take clothes off
We get to explore all the paradise lost
In the new age of technology and artificial life
It’s nice to get primitive with an ancient vice
Don’t bite down on the bit unless you know what you are doing
Don’t spit out the hair and don’t overdo the chewing
Just get down to business be a good little android
You’ve got to get the clits attention to become a loyal clitaroid.