Shaken and stirred
Watching the stars
Glowing like glitter
Cuts a little deeper
Cocktail became bitter

Staring into an empty glass
Straw bent and tasteless
Ice melted fading like your heart
Was your life wasted?
Cocktail never lasts

Looking back into the unpleasant past
So many excuses should make you laugh
Engraved rings were never needed
The scars are now on the inside
Cocktail too strong

Too many choices not enough thought
Too many wet dreams overflowed
The grocers sold you rotten food
And you paid over the odds for that
Cocktail is the fashion

Clenched fist with no knuckle bone
Empty words and a cold hearted home
Too many pauses on the line on the phone
Too far to reach when hiding in Rome
Cocktail for the masses

Reading the bible looking for an excuse
Trying to work out how the knots untied
Search philosophy for a new wave of physics
Pretend that ever scholar was born to lie
Cocktail for the brave

Many events are unforeseen
Too many relationships died on the shores
Of going too far too quickly to hard
The rain pours on the handwritten diary
Cocktail drunk in a shot

In the end we are damaged vessels
Not ready to sink but unable to sail
Anchored to the seabed of our misery
Virtual iron bars in an overcrowded jail
Cocktail without taste