I have travelled far and wide
I have overcome grief and woe
I have seen the seasons collide
I have seen better days when there was snow

And we leave behind footprints
We soil our shoes on the dust and the cinders
Burning through our plastic soles
Burying deep into out tormented souls
Leaving behind a footprint

A kick on the saddle might make you go far
A fight in the jungle if you’re a jaguar
When teeth are your weapons fear is your trade
Relaxing to the drum beat a sick serenade

And we leave behind trails of blood
They are invisible to the human eye
They are dots that need to be joined up
When they are fully linked, we die
Fading like our footprints

Soldiers march into the abyss and the unknown
Far from reach or a simple telephone
Years will pass and most will die
Fighting for something but they don’t know why

And they leave behind breadcrumbs made of bullets
Trampling over crops and fertilised lands
Destroying the future and erasing the past
It is so glorious to slaughter and to be the man
With bloodstained footprints

Evolution will travel beside you in more than one way
Backwards and forwards rocking and rolling away
You can’t keep a secret but you will never grow old
You will never remember all the stories you were told
Dirty footprints

Leading into the distance
Marked by weight and stance
Some footnotes are blurred
Some are a buffalo dance
Some loop in a ring of roses
Some are buried thanks to an European plague
Some are cemented into the volcanic rock
When the fire mountain exploded making
Eternal footprints