I didn’t expect to feel this way
You could say it came as a surprise
I was just minding my own business
Until I saw the look in your eyes
I tried my best to ignore you
I tried so hard to be cruel
I didn’t want another episode
I didn’t want to become a fool

Everyone knows I like living dangerously
I like to push myself to the brink
I might seem heartless and cruel
And obnoxious when I drown in drink
It’s the little things you do that help me
A little smile just to prick my heart
A little dance to pass the time
You might even sing out of tune
But being you it ain’t no crime

Remind me again and who do you do!
Remind me again of the curse that’s voodoo
Remind me of what I was missing inside
Remind me of a time when I was the pride

And glory of my heart and soul
When I danced without shame to rock n roll
When I was in movement I was alive
Until all this negativity took its toll
When I drowned my sorrows and let the cat out of the bag
When I shed a tear and smashed through asbestos walls
When I got so scared of living in an unwanted future
Choking on the vomit of my past and it’s vices

Remind me again that I was young once
Remind me again that I walked with a swagger
Remind me again that my heart pumps blood
Remind me again to pull out the poisoned dagger

Which I stabbed myself with after dipping in guilt
Slashing and tearing through memories and bone
With a chip on my shoulder and a debt to burden
I predicted a future where I was all alone
Or even abandoned by the roadside in a shallow grave
Forgotten by society that remembers the mistakes that I made
No epitaph no tombstone no flowers wilting away
No sign of my corpse as I quickly fade

To nothing, I planned my demise in the decades leading up to this
Be anything, but in the end I backed away from all that I was
Nobody cared, as my eyes lost their stars and their shine
Self-inflicted guilt ridden decomposing soul of mine

But for one second, I saw what could be
But for one minute I breathed peacefully
But for one hour I managed not to fuck up
But for one day and the memory will fade

Where you made me a little bit better
And massaged away my pain
It was a distant relationship
You didn’t know it was you
You will never know what you did for me
For a second in my life you made me happy
When the positivity and confidence fades
I will return into my rotten soul
Knowing you hate me and I don’t mean sod all

But you reminded me of when I was young
You reminded me I was loved once
You reminded me that all new things are not wrong
You reminded that this old thing could still sing along

You reminded me of the heart that skips a beat
You reminded me of embarrassment so I stared at my feet
You reminded me of how distant I have become
You reminded me stay when I wanted to run.