When I come home I flock to you
My busy bees are buzzing in tune
My heart beats my mind in a swarm
Can’t wait to cuddle up to get warm

Like a vampire I urge for your bite
Tender kisses by the romantic candle light
Little nips and ironic quips
Little caresses with delicate fingertips

I will peel of your make-up layer by layer
I will kiss you until your eyeshadow fades
Licking the creases that you can’t reach
Massaging away your daily smog riddled hair…

Swarm and welcome home
I want to taste your bacteria and I want to fall into you
I want to see your heavy breathing I want to pamper you
I want to be the welcome breeze that passes by your knees
I want to spread your worth and share our incurable disease

Swarm in my nest
I want to melt into you like the wax falls from the wick
I want to taste your scars and clogged pores very quick
I will turn you around the table like the vinyl that you are
I want to hear you purr and be my ferocious jaguar

Swarm in my side
When the sweat drops off our bodies and clinks to the floor
A sensation of bestial lust is growing rampant some more
Too many sterile clothes which are getting in our way
We strip down to our bare souls to extinguish the day
Somewhat embarrassed and almost deeply ashamed
The look in your eyes tells me not to stop this game
The urge for deeper pleasures outstrips the dying guilt
Entwined I carry you away then laying you down on the quilt
With the tongue of a native I whiplash you some more
Biting into your slippery flesh a succulent steak so raw
Not one part of you is forgotten as I map out the terrain
The way I caress your sinful flesh drives you insane

The waltz is lost the rhythm is broke
It’s time for you to stake your claim
The foreplay was excellent now kitty wants her milk

Delicate hands become firm and strong
They have become paws and claws
As nails rip my back for you need for sexual intercourse

Bloodied and bruised I am overturned
It’s great to see you rampant in attack
My heart is pounding and my nether regions too

The shy and insecure now the confident and impure
Unstoppable and unbreakable , roar of primordial
Your secret lips reach out to swallow all of what is mine

The swarm dies down as we fall into a sweaty heap
Hearts pounding our bodies yearn for sleep
Yet drugged up on hormones drunk on you kiss
We roll back into foreplay which we couldn’t resist
Swarming again rising again I take you in my arms
I can’t resist those wanting eyes or any of your charms
If this will be the death of me or a start of a stroke
Just keep on fucking me until I splutter and choke!