Here I stand far from you all
You were all waiting for me to fall
Laughing and cheering with baited breath
Afraid of me but embracing my death

Fools you didn’t predict I will resurge again
Looking deep inside of me I found some will
To lace up my boots and arm myself for war
Doing what I do best and doing it better than before

Those embers of my fire never ever failed to reignite
Even though fatigue showed on my darkest night
Things looked grim as a slid into an obnoxious state
But I found some steel to build myself an iron grate

A mask was brittle and worn and leaking pus
You saw through the cracks and my withered skin
You didn’t want to envisage my resurrection
the view from the outside is now within
A sickly grin
I did it again
I maybe hollow but I can be strong
I just forget the person I could be
Just takes me some tortuous foreplay
And I am back to save my day.

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