View from the outside part VI
Catastrophic Cielo

I draw in the dark sky above me a line
A division between here and there
All those on the left will weep a tear
Those that remain will be crucified

No reason why , no way or how
They can’t be crucified if they are only
Lonely phantoms in my haunted mind
With no chains to rattle or hold them back

Tear drops they fall from heavens to this here arid land
Empty of all hope with no shade to protect the innocent
A desert parched of love and worship or forgiveness
Now light shines from that jagged line I carved
Upon the dark sky, now treacherous forks form
Of violet light spitting electricity down to me

Thunder rolls and fake church bells toll
Glass balls of rain start pelting down
Thumping muscle and shredding flesh
Acid lumps turn to lava clumps toxicity rising

No sanctuary for this blessed mind
The broken sky is no church or Duomo
My words have antagonized
It may not come as such a surprise
My chronic mix of verbosity
Will slap humanity into a coma

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