Last flight with amputated wings

Heart beats but I still feel incomplete
Mind wanders and I wonder if I was
Happy in the days I don’t remember because it’s so
Funny that I dream a nightmare that’s so sweet

Pause for the thought because life’s claws
Have torn into what was a childish innocent dream
And as the scenery burns in my empty theatre
The curtain fails to come down on me

No applause for this tragic last act of my play
On words no title credits to give credit to those
Who whispered their curses on to these stormy seas
The view from the outside seems oddly surreal

Come now take my hand I will pull you from the fire
She said she would shelter me from the piles of hate
In the end she was selfishly gaining from all my misery
The negativity gave her flight to her amputated wings

Now as I scream alone in this rancid nest we made
Dusty from the rubble collapsed from weak foundations laid
All because I was weak and humble and unknowingly petrified
You did not know either thanks from the false view from the outside.

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