The rabbit who likes indigo

That’s the way it always goes
Forgotten and misjudged like indigo
Even though it’s found in the brightest rainbow
Nobody every wants to nominate indigo

Most of the time it’s found under your nose
You can’t see your ankles for your baggy clothes
Getting upset because you can’t find your glasses
Maybe start by checking what’s sitting on your head

Indecision and cloudy vision
There is more black than white
That’s what you get bird watching a night
Chronic forgetfulness disturbed distress
Indigo and in we go
That’s what happens when not at your best

Can’t remember what yet it’s on the tip of the tongue
Can’t remember a phone number you’ve just rung
Can you sing a rainbow, you can sing a rainbow too
What’s too good is never ever true

Confusion an illusion don’t be so amusing
So what is sprouting out of the pot of gold?
A boggled eyed rabbit chomping on a frozen carrot
But it’s toothless useless gnashing means
It’s lost the plot and too old to put in a pot

Going to get its tail fluffed up and go down the disco
Going to wear bright flares coloured indigo
Going to get a fever from the nickel soaked necklace
Under the lights the old timer could keep up the pace

That’s the way it usual goes
Dry ice and flares drenched in indigo
Hip hop body pop this rabbit going to pot
Never take for granted
The view from the outside.

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