Got the shakes and you know how
Got a fever see the sweat form on my brow
Got a stammer and a stutter
Got a soft centre like melted butter

Call me the trembler you opened me up
You wasn’t content with the view from the outside
Call me hooked like a fish out of water
I’m out of breath ready to be deep-fried

Shakes, hear my two knees go clipperty clop
I’ve become a fumbling bumbling mess
I’ve spilt my beer in a bar full of fascists
Bella ciao, Bella ciao Bella ciao ciao ciao

Got a swing in my stride and a smile I can’t hide
Maybe a strange view from the outside
I’ll be the trembler and the usual mumbler
Feeling naked an open target so vulnerable

Got to go somewhere and pull myself together
I can’t be seen as a trembler in distress
Can’t be seen to be soft centered or human
Can’t be outside when I’m not at my best.

Everyone judges the book by the cover
What you get is the incoherent view from the outside
What is raging or trembling under the surface
Is something an artist normally hides.

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