how can you say I mean nothing
tying me up like I’m a shoestring
knots in my stomach
butterflies in mind
you words are so hateful
how can you be so unkind
miserable monologue it’s not fair play
your theatrics are so vulgar today
when the curtain comes down please don’t sing
I will cut the cord and untie the string
that binded us together through thick and thin
now you are saying I’ve never meant anything
I want to be cuddled and warm under your wing
you can’t cut me away like I am string
I’m tired of being tied to a person who lied
upset and empty so heartless you can’t cry
as cold as Jupiter’s moons furthest from the sun
I can’t believe you hurt me was it all fun?
just like a boil in a delicate area
I wish to be free from irritation
so back off from my ears
start taking some medication
maybe it will open up your eyes
maybe you will see your reflection
an empty soul blurting foul lies
drink up and embrace sedation

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