I don’t want to fight
but it seems I always do
I don’t tolerate violence
but I’m always intense
I’ve been so vulgar since I was born
I’m a conflict I always lock horns

I want to give you my point of view
I stand by what I say what I believe
if you can’t see my vision then fuck you
I’m an animal with intelligence I’m beastly
I’m a dead end fantasy
I’m difficult to live with
I’m a devil in-between your legs
and I’m a drug you can’t live without
my eyes they stare but I’m not there
I’m thinking of invading new lands
always inventing rewriting history
what will be come of me
the moment you lock horns with me
it will be hard for you to be set free
I’m arrogant as I’m stubborn
my life is rotten as it’s wooden
I’m so head sore like a dinosaur
my feelings so antique
I’m gullible as I’m weak
I can’t be a man I can’t understand
that all you want is a hand to hold on to
not a one night stand to satisfy your soul
nothing to attach you to me
this is the new age of fantasy
I’m nothing more than a face
another lost man in a messed up race
we will all die alone
locking horns against what we were
life is too short and never fair
too much flesh to taste to map out
too many paranoid expressions no doubt
too many junkies not enough bees
too many emotions lost in the breeze
an ancient primal fear deep inside
an animal instinct we wish to hide
the only drug to make us all better and brighter
is to fuck and fuck all over again
with consent with must with desire
with less chains and more fire
locking horns and snarling teeth
unleash my bestial side hidden beneath
the prejudice and fear of modern day
let’s take your designer clothes throw them away
forget depilation and constant showers
tattooed eyebrows and tinted hair
let’s return to bestial love with blood and sweat
let’s be free of everything and regret

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