What could possibly keep me awake at night?
I violent storm could give me a fright
Something in the street making a strange noise
Some kid in a car squealing tyres like daft boys
Could be an owl that loves to hoot
Could be a mad man on the prowl who loves to shoot
Could be my dreams so intense and so perverse
Could be you what could be worse?

Than to see your face again
Knowing you are still dead in your coffin
Buried in some Victorian cemetery
Deep down with your twisted thoughts
As the maggots crawl in your eyes
Those eyes I see every single night
Staring at me from every dark forbidden corner
I just don’t want to be alone anymore

When you screamed I hear you for years
The heat of the fire dried up my tires
You set our world alight just for attention
You thought I could save you one more time
You didn’t think it would take so long to get home
You thought I was quicker when I was alone
By the time I had got to our front door
I couldn’t recognise our house no more

What I selfish, hellish thing to do
You just couldn’t accept we were through
If I wasn’t yours than nobody can
Why couldn’t you see or understand?
Now you haunt me every single night
I am alone and I’m never feeling alright
I still smell the stench of burning skin
It was ages before the firefighters broke in

Now to see your dilated eyes staring at me
When will you ever set me free
I choke on the pain of being damned
Afraid to close my eyes and sleep again
I try to poison myself but you stopped me cold
You want to torment me until I’m frail and old
This has gone too far I’m under stress
Do you realise what how you’ve caused so much mess

Keeping me awake
Keeping alive
Keeping me from dying
Tormented from your eyes
I know you are watching
I knew you were burning
I couldn’t help you that day
Now you keep me awake at night

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