It’s amazing and frightening when you awake in a morning full of energy and good vibrations, sometimes it’s so good it just can’t be true, but you know that sooner or later that well received high will not last long, some cunt or something else will knock you back into the negative routine as before.

After wasting too much energy getting ready for work , and let’s face it who wants to go to work feeling good, you then hop skip and jump towards the local cafeteria to get a good dose of caffeine to make you feel even better, imagine now if they actually gave you a well-made cappuccino , you know the right amount of expresso , the right warmth of milk which is now all fluffy and not some wet white almost going stale liquid.

As you leave the town square behind you head out in search of your car, realising this day has gone too good so far, the weather is sunny and warm , not humid and hot, the sun doesn’t burn your eyes and you are still sweat free at 08.15 in the morning. Now the pessimist starts taking over, when will this day start going pear-shaped? Will my car be vandalised or stolen, or maybe the local gulls have shat all over the windows?, maybe the car won’t start or explode in a fiery plume of erotic desire.

Nope the car is fine , still absolutely filthy but it gets me to work, driving to work there is still no sign of bad omens, no idiots trying to overtake you on blind bends, you manage not to hit any potholes even though there are more potholes than lampposts, you arrive at work confident relaxed and ready to tackle the daily chores that will obviously bring you back to earth.

Even though it seems far-fetched it does happen once in a while, we all hate going to work but the time I am sipping on my cappuccino or strolling to my dirty car, driving over those blasted potholes and swearing at the cars passing me on blind bends, this is my thinking time, this is when some of my poems come together, obviously if I’m screaming filth at the other drivers don’t expect me to be thinking of a love poem, but if somehow or some way I write something peaceful and sweet then you will now know I had one of those extraordinary days.

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