have you ever imagined infinity
in life in love or the sky
can a human mind calculate this
have you wondered why
while most folk settle for nothing
a week a day a year
us over thinkers are pondering
and you wouldn’t even dare

some people can’t imagine living next door
nevermind a new city or new country
some people hate to go outside
just thinking it is seen as mutiny
can you imagine outer space
a desolate place between the stars
it would take us many years to develop a way
to travel daily to Mars
is infinity forever or just a circle
a neverending cycle with no beginning
no ending no reason for being
are you shocked of peeking outside the box
doesn’t it petrify you what I’m writing
infinite dreams and long lasting dynasties
but in the end everything will end
the sun and it’s warmth
the moon and it’s romance
the stars will become stardust
but if nothing remains what becomes of space
will it be a void lasting for infinity

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