A modern culture where nobody is ashamed
Of their sexuality or afraid to lose their dignity
Because of their colour of skin
Anyone can believe in anything
As long as violence and depravity is not involved
You can touch the stars if it were possible
Who has the right to forbid you?
It is time to bring to peace to what should already be peaceful
We should live as one, share as one, be reliable

A modern culture where relationships are built on trust
Nobody is looking for sexual gains or extramarital games
Where talking is about believing
Building foundations and trust is fruitful and plentiful
Where work is a source of income and not a place of stress
Where injuries will not rain down on you in this year or the next
Everybody supports your freedom and your expressions
We are not ashamed to fail and we are proud to learn a lesson

A modern culture where authorities have authority
But they don’t gain any privileges from their advantage point
They treat everyone as equal they are only there to direct
To keep the communities safe to keep people sane
They keep people amused and they will keep people awake
They will inform them of new horizons and benefits
They will make sure the whole population grows together
Stronger and united without war or conflict

A modern culture were we all help each other
There will be no moral gains for anyone if someone if left behind
No elderly person will be left to starve or freeze to death
Because the authorities and community will not forget you
When health deteriorates that you can’t work no more
Those who are fit and able will work in place of those who can’t
A modern culture is needed for the human race to evolve
Instead of throwing money in an oily pit, what did that resolve?

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