seldom do I speak of the mysteries beyond the mirror
a parallel world with new beginnings
where the lost are yet to be found
the dead are so alive with hearts of gold


a simple room becomes a labyrinth of ideas
a maze of amazing possibilities
so when you are afraid to look at your reflection
remember the doors you’ve never opened
how do you know who is in the next room
clown or killer , lover or sick motherfucker
worm riddled food or banquet for a king
a choir of the damned pop singers who can’t sing
give the roulette a twirl let’s see what we can do
spy on the possibilities that can make you
wipe the mirror clean keep your options open
hesitation will choke you fear will break you
slither down the snake back to square one?
or take the ladder back up to the highest row?
let’s get the sawdust out from those dirty ears
you don’t need a map just go with the flow

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