When I am on my rounds I hear this and that
When I prop up the bar I have to give small chat
If I don’t inform you I speak Italian I will pay too much
A different price for a foreigner, have you lost your touch?

I count the villains one by one
It seems all the good people have gone
Everyone wants to squeeze every cent out of you
When you get too confident you know what to do

Don’t speak if you don’t want me to talk
Your fascist ideals and corrupt economics are too much
I will speak the truth I show no ignorance
Even after ten pints I’m still more coherent that you

Hiding in the toilet to sniff some cocaine
Where does the money come from, tell me again,
The cheap little waitress whores fucking in the storeroom
The kids cannot afford to pay you any other way

Your cheap little petty tricks and party games
I won’t be an asshole and tell you all their names
But I’ve been holding up bars for the past thirty years
Did you honestly think you could fuck me over?

Don’t speak if you don’t want me to talk
You always courteous when I pay, smiling with my change
But like always if I happen to meet you in the square
You won’t even look at me or acknowledge I’m there

What I say is too complicated for you
My opinion will shake the damned education out of you
While you were brushing up on your tonsil cleaning activities
Some of us where being educated with history

Does it make sense now this is the only job you could do?
Your far right ethics will now come and haunt you
All your loyal customers from Africa or Asia
Biting your racist tongue you take the money and smile

What I say is just wind between your empty ears
Your mouth opens to reply in automatic
I know you didn’t understand I know you don’t want to
Your blunt pig like talk makes me so ecstatic

Don’t speak because that will make me talk
I will give you precious information and maybe a bad joke
Do you want me to explain or say it all over again?
Of course not you are too busy picking the shit out of your nails

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