cold winter evening
nothing to do but drink or fuck
no place to go out and have fun
this town was just out of luck

somehow you got yourself in with a bad crowd
who took Deicide music too literally
maybe the absinth had festered their brains
mixed with weed and fertilizer and ecstasy

wasting your time get wasted
hating life so we all get sedated
fuck the authorities and the church
who’ve made you worth this much

death decided by dice
when all options have been burned
in the hellfire that was your life
set out the tools erase the strife

candlelit table and lethal cheap absinth
a pair of a dice in a tumbler
ten desperate humans tired of life
will anyone survive this night?

roll the dice pick a card
accept the dare down a shot
kiss the person goodbye next to you
now let’s see what you’ve got

a simple slicing of the wrists
blood burst blood lust
another companion lost
you still have the taste of her cunt
on your chapped blue lips

next in line next to die
accept the fate don’t cry
hangman’s noose swinging
eyes unseeing ceiling truss creaking
death decided by dice

hot knitting needle pierce my heart
bed side lamp give me a shocking kick start
drinking bleach to drown my fears
overdose of all my old ghosts
death decided by dice

the last man standing rigged the lot
still sober still alive sick fetish satisfaction
walks away an innocent man
no fingerprints or DNA left behind

death by dice death by misadventure
misfortune for unfortunate kids
drunken hallucinations sexual games
the press never got to learn their names

death by dice death just a drug
to watch the violence such a thrill
easily decieved unwanted kids
just nameless sheep to be culled

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