I want to take a different path
that’s simplified
I know what you think of me
you’re petrified
can you see I’m just loyal
emotions magnified
don’t worry I’ll work it out even though
I’m less dignified

treading softly on the broken bones
that shattered when you threw stones
they don’t hurt me as much as I hurt myself
sometimes even I wish I was someone else

I want to take the scenic route in life
run and hide
I tried my best to make true friends
but they left my side
I suppose I must keep moving on
just like before
even though the journey will be brutal
I know that now

the simple things in life seemed easy at the time
but blood and sweat never comes easily
you’ve got to get your head down and suffer
because no one will ever help you
no matter who they are or what they did
everybody is lying to you

if there is no financial advantage you aren’t a friend to no one
the doctor will only cure you if the drugs pay dividends
the lawyers will roll the dice for you if you are transparent
did you think life was just a simple stroll in the park?

I wanted to take a different path
beautiful and simplified
what you think of me will never change
you’re still petrified
can’t you see my patience has worn out
emotional landslide
don’t worry I can’t ask for your help again
I’m too dignified

simplified and denied
in guilt I hide
steering too hard to beat the understeer
feeling intoxicated when you get near
sliding and riding out the tidal waves
a surfer a buttholed freak swimming away
in nature I suffer in water I’m alive
because the frothy sea burns my eyes
I can only taste the brine
I can only feel this pain of mine
I tried to explain it to you in simplistic terms
but you laughed at my sorrow now it’s your turn
as this epidemic a consequence of a stressful world
will cover us all, bring us all down
like the Spanish flu or bubonic plague
nature has gone and raised her stakes
madness leads to loneliness leads to outcast
leads to exaggerated feelings leads to our suicide

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