You said you believed in politics but you don’t vote
You said you believed in religion but don’t go to church
You say you are a good husband but you’re screwing the cleaner
You say you are an intelligent man what could be clearer?

Believe in your leader who sent your children to war
Believe in your priest who turned your wife into a whore
Believe in the system that is corrupt as the FBI
Believe in everything and then you die

Remember your leaders poisoned you with cancer
Remember religion has created so many wars
They are not my leaders
They are not my deities
Yours not mine

You suffer and bleed and pay taxes
You are part of the failed welfare state
While the aristocrats are living on your assets
You are jailed for just one mistake

Remember your leaders have condemned you for life
Remember religion has scarred all of history
They are your fascist leaders
They are your perverted priests
Yours not mine

Take a sacrifice join a cult
Obey the laws don’t get caught
Don’t be an adulterer don’t succumb to vice
Don’t be greedy don’t think twice
A whirlpool of spiritual decay
All the priests will fuck you over every day
Forgive me for my sins don’t go to jail
The words of Jesus so strong justice will prevail

Remember your leaders are fuelled with doubt
Remember your religion is rotten inside and out
They are not my ideas
They are not my beliefs
Yours not mine
Remember these are the leaders protected from terror
Planning their outdated ideologies in lead filled walls
Away from the prying eyes of all the conspiracy theories
In a dark damp room corrupt leaders seem to stand tall
When the moment comes and time for a nuclear strike
The rich and power hungry get tucked in for the night
Deep down below the murky Thames a bunker stocked full
Reinforced concrete protects those bastards from the cull

Remember they were your leaders as the atom bomb explodes
Remember to say your prayers when the spiritual world implodes
They are still not my rulers
They are still not my spirituality
Yours not mine.

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