amazing word play!


Can you give me everything quiet

When things are too loud in my life?

You’re the one thing that’s good,

The reason I’ve began to feel

Again. Won’t you be gentle

With that? If you ever stop,

Don’t, I’ll let you stop

The screaming quiet

As long as you remain gentle

With the noise. Life

Is a shout on full volume until I feel

Everything bad and nothing good

And nothing bad and everything good

Like it all becomes a huge start and stop

I feel

This on repeat. Unable to silence the quiet

With a full volume life.

I’m asking you to be gentle

Even when no gentle

Is left, cursed with good

Harsh rough corners, life

Needs sandpapering, sharp to the stop

And on the pinnacle of quiet

So I can feel

All there is to feel

Both broken and gentle

Things. Quiet

Things to rest in good

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