There were seventeen burning churches
In seventeen democratic countries
Nations that were proud to be Christian
Population stubborn with their faith

As witchcraft was revealed in the corridors of the Vatican
Ancient pagan rituals embraced by the divine
The same sect who tried to outlaw this perverse culture
A secret society that was rotten to the core

When the news broke of priests violating our children
When word got around of archbishops and our wives
When the world started to turn its back on the foul church
Attendance figures down as they tried to save lives

There were seventeen burning churches
To purify the altars of sacrifice
Those foul walls had seen so many atrocities
The holiest of chaplains had repeatedly sinned

As the once proud community set fire to a symbol
As the crowds roared with glee when spires fell
As the dirty dark corners of the desecrated church burned
The scene resembled the decent to hell

There were seventeen burning churches
A community divided and distraught
Not all the believers were convinced in the debauchery
Then again not all the perverted priests were caught

As debate failed to see faith and reason
Many blamed the victim just like before
The vicar was labelled confused and weak
As lustful for flesh as a Manhattan whore

There were seventeen burning churches
Yet so many chapels still stand
Preaching good while thinking of evil
This is the richest brothel in the land

As the mud was flung onto the robes so white
As the poor and homeless questioned the sects riches
As the communities robbed of their dignities
Cast outs for loving one another

Seventeen burning churches
Several hundreds of victims ashamed
Too many priests have bowed to sin
Would you protect this sect?
Could you help to quell the fire
Or throw petrol on the pyre?
Have you been a victim of twisted faith?
Are you in control of your desire?

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