It’s just like going outside into the freezing cold
Blindfolded with mistrust and without any clothes
You feel so exposed
It’s the about the times when naked feels bad
In the winter time you feel small and ten times worse
You’re exposed

This is what those fuckers have done to you
Those government leeches have turned the screw
They’ve kicked you out of your safe snug zone
They’ve put you in the crossfire like a bag of bones

Do you trust all that these idiots say
Full page adverts in the Times or Sun
Do they ever do anything our way?
Instead of preaching peace with a brand new gun

They design what they think will be best for you
Blue Peter throwback with sticky backed plastic
They have shown us they haven’t got a fucking clue
Even though they celebrate their great fantastic

Is this what they taught you in a private school
While your teacher snorted drugs and ogled you
Even the nuns in the university were perverse
This is what society has done to you

Out with all the traditional grind to learn
Who practices their handwriting anymore?
Books are now so last century and so they burn
In flames you wisdom will be smoke by dust

It’s not easy being an average joe
Working some overtime to afford some clothes
So not to be exposed
While the suits and ties gamble our finances away
All the banks money bet on a lame horse
Leaving our futures exposed

Comeuppance will be too sweet for you
As most folk sweat and despair
And on another abandoned production line
We see people working unpaid overtime
There are holes in the roof and the pension fund
The wind howls through the broken windows
The cobwebs in your head are ravaged tonight
Just like them the light is not too bright

As the industry was sold to foreign investors
Loans sharks and private equity firms from another shore
Making your future exposed
Give them five years like between 1988 and 1993
Those bastards from oversees closed the bus doors
People on the dole feeling exposed.

Did Thatcher fuck the nation up from cars to coal mines
She sent the trains down the deepest darkest pit
All the strikes and scabs and the hair of Arthur Scargill
In the end the right-wing bastards didn’t give a shit

As progress was meant to happen but nothing came
Now another lame duck is on top of the British nest
Another witless turd who promised so little too soon
Just like Maggie she shat on someone else’s progress

Now we see a huge cloud of certainty on England’s shores
The passport authorities are happy with kicking foreigners out
Leaving them exposed
Now the modern factories will now grind to a stop
Deserting England like the long gone high street shop
Leaving the economy exposed

Maggie or May it had to happen one day
When the voters fucked up big time
They think that foreign fighters are to blame
And that everyone from Africa commits a crime

You dumb ass fucks who voted for Brexit
Some fascist bollard twisted the truth
Leaving you exposed
You’ve destroy so many dreams and realities
Sent many people to an early desolate grave
Feeling so fucking exposed!

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