If the foundation blocks of life are made from ice
What happens what we get hot and bothered?
As we are carried on through life on a pulsating wave
We are cut down to size like sausage meat thrown to the floor
We become melting snowmen in the unsettled months of May
We become invisible come what may!

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been and what you have done
It might have been a blast it may have been fun.
But all the people in that room in that stadium are no longer here
The event might be vaguely remembered but not who was there
We fade like ice cubes in a furiously toxic glass of soda
We become invisible no matter what you say

You can chat all night with a bubbly friend on social media
But she would never talk to you in public no matter the promises
We are just so antisocial and selfish on the overcrowded platforms
That clog up our touchscreens and old fashioned VDUs
Give it a week when your conversation cancelled, your account frozen
We become invisible in the light of the day

It’s hard to make friends when you have a heart of stone
I’m in debt with my emotions and I know I’ll die alone
No matter how many eBooks there were and how bad I wrote them
They are downloaded, read with haste and cancelled in the morning
The dozen books bought now prop up fragile shelves in the cellar
They’ve become invisible another predictable failure

We could all be a fairy tale with a cute happy ending
But horror is my life so thanks for the misunderstanding
I’ve cut myself to the bone and scarred myself to sleep
I’ve wrote my bloody thought’s down as I cringe and weep
No princes no magic wands just sawdust and bloodstained drawers
I’m so invisible see through my day.

But before I go, I want you to know
I tried my best because I couldn’t rest
Knowing that I have failed in all I touched
I wanted you to see what was really me
But not one friend really ever liked me much
I came and went I fuelled my own descent
I took the dirtiest escalator down to hell
I might not have been nice with my soul of ice
I tried to pass through life just being true
Now as my body fails me and the truth has to be known
With blood spittle on my lips I’m reflecting on my past
I didn’t want to cheat on anyone I only cheated myself
I can’t cheat death, I’m such a waste of breath
I understand the way you feel because I’m so toxic
As I fade away the ice is melting away
Soon I will be just a wet puddle on the floor
My words will fade my anger will disperse
All that I believed was just one fucked up curse
I changed nothing and I’ve changed no one
Nobody gave two shits about all my divided opinions
I was just a scratch on the marble surface
Some fine sand paper could erase my point of view
I tried to analysis my plight dissect my mind
There was definitely no pleasing me and no way pleasing you

I was an invisible hand that had a cold touch
I was bruising to the soul I was just too much
Like a clam you all slammed shut and buried your replies
You got high on the words praising my demise
I was an invisible entity that rattled some chains
I was a faraway deity that haunted abandoned country lanes
In the end I realised that all I did was wrong and unjust
I shattered our friendship and murdered our trust

I’ve tried my best and failed a thousand times
Walking on the razors edge I slit my fucking mind
Not one person will remember my name in a decade or so
It doesn’t matter one bit how many bites it took to gnaw
I was a close shave and I was battered to the bone
I was just an injection of bullshit on your smartphone
I was just a passing fetish a cube of ice in your whiskey
When I melt away to be invisible you will not remember me

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