It never rains it always pours
Emotions creeping in uninvited
Without knocking on doors
The windows are wet and humid
We draw faces in the mist
Our relationships foul and putrid
An empty vessel so fragile
A rusty trophy from another age
Broken fragments of champagne glasses
The cheers now suffocate in our throats
We choke on an emotional allergy
So far from where we belong
We’ve even forgotten our favourite song
It’s the cruellest place in the cruellest world

Tied down to a beaten dead carpet
Well-trodden the roses have lost their shine
Sticky patches in front of the fire hearth forgotten
The red wine stain is hidden from view
Quality street wrappers down the sofa
The television remote with a leaky battery
The sideboard has seen better times
There still is the photo of you and me
Forgotten in the corner collecting dust
Walnuts still left over from a past Christmas
The brandy pushed away and left to ferment
Cracked porcelain animals that your mamma sent

A lifeless living room with an unsettled settee
Once a romantic rock for you and me
Now we sit on opposite sides of the room
Thinking of a imaginary future I presume
There was a time when there was laughter and glee
We use to talk, tell jokes, some funny
But slowly and surely the energy drained away
Now we are confused and don’t know what to say
Feeling unwanted and maybe unwashed
The clothes have become tighter all over lately
The chocolate urge has become an unhealthy habit
Hidden secrets and unfinished snacks
In the cruellest place in our cruellest world

Going back further to when we were at high school
Smoking in the boys room and breaking the rules
Oral sex in the cupboard below the second set of stairs
Everyone realised when they saw our messed up hair
We saw good times and some bad times
We protected each other through thick and thin
Through unpleasant accidents and soiled underwear
There was a time when you actually did care.
Sitting next to you in the school canteen
Lifting up your skirt to show me white thighs
Being a little naughty but not really obscene
I loved the way you stared with those bluish eyes

Now we are older and a little less ambitious
Our arguments out of control with words malicious
Nothing turns you on no more even the light has died
Looking at your eyes I know you have cried
It’s the cruellest place in this cruellest world
I didn’t want you to be so unrealistic
We made enemies of ourselves and destroyed our dreams
We followed our desires right to the extremes
Now we broken and down and forlorn
Devoured by disease aching at the bones
We have no future left we died before our deaths
We are so impatient as we try to hold our breathe

From the cancer in you and the accident I made
The train wreck of my life after that fatal car crash
Two blonde kids now sit in an early grave
A testament to all the mistakes I’ve ever made
I don’t want to live and I know you are dying
I can’t come over to hug you when you are crying
I’m motionless in my wheelchair my emotions drained
Life here is never going to be the same
I killed your kids and now you have to care for me
Until the day that cancer will set you free
As we sit in that room not caring or sharing
Distant in thought and distant in our being
The cruellest place in this cruellest world

Another argument maybe just to pass the time
Reminding me of my fears and all of my crimes
With blood on my hands and a stain in my heart
You words stab me like a poisoned dart
Your tantrums are dangerous the alcohol awash
Your diet is toxic and your breath is vile
You are too ashamed and weak to go outside
You live your pathetic life in constant denial
This is now me and over there it is you
We are bound together though we are black and blue
There is nothing crueller then what I did to you
The world is crueller what it has dealt on you.

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