you sitting near and you are listening to her
she’s looking at you inquisitively as you stare
she’s trying to figure you out trying not to let you down
but how can I be the one in this fucking town?

You know that all the boys are better than me
I know all the men are all younger and carefree
I know I am in the wrong in whatever I do
Why would you even think of me being with you?

In the heat of conversation I almost smiled
As I go home alone I’m thinking I feel the fool
I should bury myself away and let things slide
I should drop my faltered ego and go and hide
I should not get to close to her she’s a glowing sun
She’s a pretty distraction and a smoking gun
If I spread my dirty wings and start to soar too high
She would burn me down in seconds that’s no lie

You know I wouldn’t put a bet on me
I know that fortune doesn’t come so easily
I know I am in the wrong place at the wrong time
Why would you even think of being mine?

I’m sorry I looked into your eyes and smiled
I’m sorry I was speechless when I said goodbye
I didn’t want to upset your day
I didn’t want to get in your way
I know you would burn if you could
I know you would punch me I wish you would
Maybe knock me out of this invisible cage
I am the pathetic statue sitting next to you
Pour the alcohol over me and set me alight
Burn me to a cinder and everything will be alright
As the summer breeze carries my ashes away
You will be happier to shine brighter in another day

You know that I know I have been the fool
Never been proud of myself never liked rules
I am a dinosaur in an alien world
I am a chapter and a sequel that’s untold
I have travelled far and have so much to learn
I am sitting her next to you, just waiting to burn.

©Darren Hobson