Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe, I am still trying to publish my eBooks everywhere but it looks like only my older versions are being downloaded.

In the past weeks I have republished the following eBooks on many networks and are now free to download. Aurora and Geo poetry noise from the basement.

I also published Pandemic Days a few weeks ago and its sequel Pandemic Days Phase II , currently I am finishing of another eBook ready for June.

Pandemic Days

This is a poetic diary of the events of Spring 2020 as seen by the Poet Darren Hobson, although he lived far from the worst affected areas of Italy during the pandemic the lock down was nationwide and the effects on his physical and mental health are here to read by all.
This is not a ploy to use the pandemic as a tool , to gain new readers, to gain new followers, this is just one persons perspective on an event that brought misery to every community in this huge globe. This is just one person informing the world of his fight for survival , his shame of feeling bad when other people are feeling much worse, this is real paranoid thoughts, these are his real bad dreams, this is just one person asking for answers and hoping for a return to normality,

Geo 2

We all have memories some of them make you happy and many of them make you sad, but do you ever wonder how we store all these memories? Imagine by the time you are a pensioner how much space you need to store all these memories, just like a smartphone starts to fail due to memory overload it is obvious that even the smartest human can get overwhelmed with too much in the data-banks In the first GEO poetry book we touched on some memories and how they are made by making connections with people on a daily basis, in this second detailed book of GEO poetry we look into how the memories are stored in everybody’s basement, a huge pile of unsorted trinkets infested with the insects and the dust.This is another deep darker collection of poetry from the poet Darren Hobson who continues to peel back the layers of his mind, memories and fantasies collide here in another display of might from the this upcoming artist, he who dares to ask all the awkward questions, he who dares to reveal some of his secrets, he who dares to show that we are humans with a huge dark weight on our shoulders, can you relate to these pieces of verse? Can you learn from his words? Will you be spring cleaning your basement anytime soon?


What started as a joke suddenly became a roller coaster into the deep depths of a tormented mind, fueled by alcohol and the nagging twisted voices in the head, the need to know if what you was thinking and believing was the same as what she was thinking and believing.What seemed like another simple infatuation, that would without a doubt, be extinguished as time passes, actually manifested into something larger than life and harder to distinguish between fact or fiction, every turn on this merry-go-round produced a trail of paranoia that scarred the lovers playground and asked moral questions that most people tried to avoid. Does Aurora really know what you thinking, does she actually know all the sacrifices you made to give her a better life, would she ever know that you died just to save her?