just when I think I’ve lost the plot
I remember a talent I almost forgot
I’ve survived up to here on wine and beer
just for a moment it all seems clear

I’m a renegade I love this side
can’t get enough
of feeling rough
i wouldn’t be able to write so well
if my life wasn’t a constant hell

just when I think I’m down and out
some inspiration gives me an almighty clout
knocks me out
sends me back
my heart is pumping
now I’m back on track

renegade I love the ride
renegade I love it on this side
can never be too much
how can I ever lose my touch
I wouldn’t be able to breathe so well
if my lungs weren’t giving me hell

another day another day in paranoia
slow decay who would like to destroy ya
everybody I know
says my deceitful mind
I need a drink
I need music

like Motorhead I have the right to be a renegade
Killed by death and the Ace of spades
can never be too loud
stone deaf what an amazing crowd
I wouldn’t have be able to carry on
if it wasn’t for Iron Fist and Orgasmatron

Renegade and I’m inspired to write
In my darkest hour late at night
Renegade I can see through the mist
Cradle of filth when I’m totally pissed
Renegade I’m sort of feeling energetic
The Wildhearts but not Death Magnetic
Renegade listening to their classic discs
from Show no Mercy to Seasons in the abyss

Renegade a myth that helps me out
Renegade I’m a legend without a doubt
Renegade find me offer me a beer
Renegade wear a mask if you come too near
┬ęDarren Hobson 2020