after the storm hit town it had become colder
but not as silent and cold as you
as the wind wraps its fingers around the trees
you bring me effortlessly to my knees
as the rains lashed the deserted town square
I looked at you but you weren’t in there
howling wind pouring rain lightning in the sky
feeling invisible again irrelevant but I try

too hard to fit into this muddled thing called life
like water flowing towards a live torn cable
high voltage dancing serpent teasing death
destroying everything that I have left
trying too hard to be renewed and revitalised
this is the time I first met your devious eyes
trying to be patient and calm but always unstable
filtering out the filth trying not to rob the cradle

now as the heat of last weekend becomes a chill
I secretly look over trying to douse the thrill
the rare tourist has scampered off home
in the deserted streets I feel thankfully alone
as the thunder menacing and with great tone
I watched you secretly messaging on your phone
natures fury from a clutch of weather fronts
we the primitive man or a bunch of cunts ?

not knowing that our approach is unwanted and uncouth
a primitive desire that is no longer needed or necessary
wait your turn don’t ask an opinion from the booth
because the truth hurts the road ahead messy
biting your tongue trying not to say what you think
look the other way get yourself another drink
don’t slam the cold tasteless beer on the table
try to keep yourself sane and don’t rob the cradle

as unwanted as the storm was, it gave us relief
as I am mesmerized by your beauty I feel grief
as the leaves and debris rain down from above
I know now I will never be able to give out love
as the waves sent from the sea are agitated
as my mind is sore my life feels decimated
the sand invades the crumbling asphalt known as the road
I set off home alone to my confused ramshackle of an abode

all I can hold is my imagination and my interpretation
I’m a volatile chemical all shaken and stirred
one bad line from you and I’ll go berserk
I’ll have you bemused and half scared
heading in the opposite direction i send myself away
trying to find peace under the torrential rain
I am the unwanted storm the weather front unstable
trying not to make an idiot of myself by robbing the cradle.