What is allowed
What is not
What makes you proud
What is a lot
What’s too loud
Motorhead or fluorescent pink
What is she to you
What is left that you can do
So break the rules
What is right in you?

She hasn’t smiled at me yet
I’ve not even heard her voice
I just know she’s out of reach
I will never be her first choice

Not even if I was younger
Not even if I was nearer
Not even if I held all the cards
I retract , I fear her

So what is allowed
And what is not
In this modern society
Confined by rules
You have to be quiet never loud
Make another secret
Secrets won’t make you proud
Tales of regret

Confined to silence
Don’t hum a tune
But just watching her is bliss
As she lights up the room
Maybe she has someone
To protect her from you
Don’t approach her
What ever you do

Because you know it’s not allowed
You are obnoxious and too loud
You can’t trample all over this red haired flower
You are too weak you have no power

Overthinking brain starts to whirl
Crunching numbers and equations
Possibilities and probabilities
You always find a zero
Nothing in your mind adds up
So you clear your cache and fade
Leave her to the local boys
Stop trying to be a half dead hero

I’m sure this is not allowed
I should stop
Just like playing motorhead loud
In a china shop
But poets dream and get inspired
Should I be proud
When we see angels amongst us
Standing out of the crowd
Should they be immortalised
In word or song
Or is this another invasion of privacy
Immoral and wrong
Is this creepy is this spooky
Does it make you sick
Am I addicted to the risk
Or am I just being a dick

Knock some sense into me
Open my eyes let me see
That this infectious feeling
Should have worn off long ago
But having feelings should be allowed
Being romantic should make me proud
So I’m going to now play motorhead real loud
All loud and all allowed

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet