One day you are fine
The next you are not
Yesterday you were a king
Now a ragged fool
Energy levels plummet
Desire to destroy high
Filter through the pain
Do you know why

An egg shell with an imperfection
The crack is not seen
The contents become rotten
Just like all of my dreams
Embracing failure
As if it’s the last resort
A new year an older me
On the run always caught

I’m not the same type of person
Who has the same age of me
It scares the shit out of me
Watching a stereotype version
Of what I should be

You know the type in a dead end job
Shirt and tie and badly cut balding hair
An ugly car a station wagon destroyer
A mortgage like a tightening noose

In some aspects I’m sort of free
But I’m in debt and out of positivity
Writing is me self praise is not for my plate
I’m a thorn in your feed that you can’t contemplate

Treading careful trying not to hurt anyone
Looks like I’ve burned all my bridges anyway
Friends have lost faith with my erratic mind
They secretly wish I would soon fade away

My thoughts return to the starting block
My stubbornness is denser than rock
Nothing matters and nothing is easy for me
Clawing at the thin veil of positivity

When it rains it pours
I’m not jolly like Santa Claus
I’m deadly I’m an assassin
Dreams murdered just for forming
Bursting like a balloon
Making the kindergarten kids cry
Rubbing you up the wrong way
With my dry sandpaper gloat
Shocking your world
With my overinflated currency
Not being delicate or subtle
I lunge straight for the throat

I have a tendency to draw the curtains
I cut down on the leeches
Keeping a clean slate eradicate the new
Cancelling the past cancelling even you

In the this new world of daily atrocity
There is no place for a dinosaur like me
Pushed to the fringes held in a box
To claw at the thin veil of positivity

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet