Late at night
No pen in sight
Phone battery low
When poetry flows

Good idea
Bad choice of words
Forgotten hashtag
Not enough praise
I do know
When poetry flows

Makes you think
Slipping on into a dark corner
Grammatical disaster
Deflated ego
When poetry flows

Lack of sleep
May lead to negative vibes
Patience with yourself
Allergic to lies
Let confidence grow
When poetry flows

Bad approach
Too many whims
Heart on my sleeve
Always feeling grim
Let’s start the show
When poetry flows

Laughed at
Deleted or muted
Pushed away
Washed down or diluted
Reap the seeds I sow
When poetry flows

Is this a war
Who is on my side
Battle of words
Taken for a ride
With Instagram a glow
When poetry flows

Shadow banned
Wrong subject
Difficult time zone
Why I continue I don’t know
When poetry flows

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet