There is a puddle in the road
Nothing shocking for you
If you live in England or Bombay
But here in Italy
Living on the west coast
It was a rare event , a rainy day

There is a puddle in the road
It’s getting bigger by the minute
Swallowing the dented Fiat Punto
It’s rained five days on the trot
For us here that’s a lot
Luckily there is not one flake of snow

There is a puddle in the road
Because the drains are blocked
Why clean them it never rains here
Storm clouds in a procession
One wet system after another
Oh when will this perturbation clear

There is a puddle in the road
Full of oil and potato peel
A couple of leaves for effect
A trick of light and a reflection
Gloomy as the clouds it fell from
Looking very miserable and derelict

There is a puddle in the road
It’s chewing at the brittle road
The asphalt starts to melt away
The workmen did a botched job
When they pretended to fix a leaking pipe
They might come back one day

There is a puddle in the road
Wait there is a puddle in the shop too
Now water is gurgling out of the bog
Now we have the stench of the sewer
A large sprinkling of human manure
Topped off with a huge Christmas log

There are puddles everywhere
The council really doesn’t care
They sit in a pleasant house out of town
Now the shops are in distress
Who will clean up all this mess
Our mayor is just a worthless clown

Now the puddles are at war
Causing havoc even more
And forecast for tomorrow is the same
Buckets and mops pegs on the nose
Trying very quick not to damage all the clothes
We do this dance every time it rains

So with huge puddles everywhere
Remember there is no problem anywhere
As it hardly rains anymore
But tell that to the shopkeepers
Sodden down with another negative event
With excrement seeping under the door

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet