What we need is to focus
On the good that’s left
The people who have morals
Some form of dignity
We need more people
In the corrupt world of politics
To work for their people
To close the divide

Everyone has the right to breathe
Not to be suffocated
By outdated ideas
Centuries old trauma
What’s wrong with living
Side by side in harmony
Without violence without malice
Different cultures different ideas

In this world that’s a cooking pot
You don’t see the garlic at war with the onion
The ever present grains of salt
Vying for attention with brown sugar?
Water, wine and olive oil interlock
The spices from different lands
They are not a recipe for disaster
They are the tastes of culture

We continue with the destruction of this world
Politicians funded by oil and arms
We still dream of get rich quick
And how not to pay taxes
That only the poor are reprimanded for
The super companies get away with murder
Promoting coups and riots on twitter
Sponsored by the local media

As the cooking pot boils into another day
Are we peas in a pod or bullets in a gun?
Are we chemically modified vegetables
Adapted so we have no where to run
Did the carrot get censored by the orange rabbit
Has spinach became the new form of drug
Did the turnip just wage war on the pumpkin?
Does those frozen meals serve any good

As we step over the broken glass
The abandoned packets of medical assistance
The worlds media condemns again that man
But it still sits in his oval orifice
Food for thought hopefully an allergic reaction
Can the world stomach anymore of this bile
Can’t we hang this bastard out to lunch
Put this abuser finally on trial

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet