It was the right kiss at the wrong time
Didn’t realize I was stepping on a landmine

Full of doubt
Ask her out
Just because she smiled at you?
Feeling low
Should I go
Is she still looking at me?

Full of hesitation
Leads to frustration
Getting out of touch
I don’t do this too much

There is no what for
When you are over the hill
See her eyes
Is she going in for the kill

Maybe it was the right time
For a bad time
Didn’t want to feel ashamed
I forgot the rules of this game

So we broke the ice
That was so nice
She is definitely a talker
Accent was fine
Ticking landmine
I was scared to come closer

Our hands meet
In the street
Like two kids walking home from school
To the beach
Stretch our feet
Sunset will be hitting us soon

Maybe it was a good time
But I was waiting for the punchline
The one where all hope evaporates
Exploding landmine

Her arms around me
Leaning into me
Felt scared to lock into embrace
Weak inside me
That’s when she turned to smile at me

She said don’t mind me
I need some company
My husband is a swine
Tap dancing on a landmine

Got up to go
She said no no no
She was stubborn now I know
Pulling me down
Fell onto her
The kiss was automatic and natural

Looking into her eyes
I didn’t like the surprise
But the purr of her heart enchanted me
She didn’t ask
I only gave
She received what she really wanted

Somebody shouted hey you
Coming out of the blue
Some bodybuilding type nutter
So exploded the landmine

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet