I know I’m not the right person to preach about positivity
But sometimes I push myself to see a different light
With what is going down in the world right now
We need to pull together no matter how difficult it is

I can guarantee we all mean something to someone
No matter how lonely we have become
Social media can be depressing if abused in the usual way
What if we just used it for reaching out

If only we could remove the ads and the fake news
Remove the trolls and the haters that have to hate everything
Leave behind the people who need to be held and listened to
The people with no hidden agenda just in need of cuddles.

When you scroll what are you looking for
A post that you can comment on ?
A joke you can respond to?
A friendly face to soothe you?

Are you addicted to the influencers
Showing you their fake lives
Are you sharing animosity
Just so you can get on the radar

There are a lot of fragile people on there
A simple meme would make them laugh
The best people have no hidden agenda
They just want relaxation in a social media blood bath

They don’t want you fat shaming them
Or people insulting their radical ideas
They have the right to be happy as they are
Love anyone that can be happy be sweet

Just one laugh becomes infectious
A simple line from a film so nostalgic
For a split second someone stopped them overthinking
A small part of the world united with joy

So many vulnerable people need us
We need to be honest and open to them
What we do should not have a hidden agenda
We should not manipulate our loyal friends

In this world divided with extra violence as cream
We should all muck in together as a team
Take their voices amplifying their needs
Protect our flower beds dig out the weeds

It’s amazing out there but it’s a maze
Light up a beacon show them a way
No hostility no trolls no hidden agenda
Let’s be honest and make someone’s day

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet