I’ve known you since you were a teen
You was the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen
In that horrid brown uniform you were the ace
I remember you had the strangest face

There’s nothing wrong in what I say
I still think of you every day
On Yewlands drive by that rusty gate
You always laughed at me when I was late

Paper collection Saturday we met in the skip
Howard the headmaster was such a drip
He was dumber than his dog who had more manners
One bark was more intellectual than a week of parents meetings

You were the beacon of the year and I was last
You was the future of Leyland I didn’t have a past
You wore shorter skirts than most
Your white blouse was like snow in Lapland

You smiled often and had something called honesty
That gave you the strangest face to me
Those little freckles and your button nose
You banter always keep us on our toes

I bought you roses and frozen mars bars
I spied on you lurking between the teachers cars
I saw you scratch Hunters car left and right
Adjusting it’s wing mirror because you were polite

I hated you smoking and I hated what else they said
Your hidden life on the street corners red
The stress got to you so you injected more
I still couldn’t believe you walked out of our door

I actually forgot that you ended up dead
An empty life with too much in your head
That infectious smile got you into a rut
That strangest face I could never forget

Another young life wasted another loss
The beacon of school was lost
Sometimes I hate this human race
But I still remember your funny face

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet