Listening to music
I heard long ago
Reminds me of my youth
Somewhere I don’t normally
Like to go

Remembering concerts
Having a good time
When music was electrifying
None of this synthesized crap
Like now

If I had to
I really would go
Back to the 90s
Back in flow
All the wrong turns
In a bad way
Anything is better
Than living this way

I had friends
I had a life
Until bad times
Had to come along
You had to work
Wake up and obey
Listening to cocksuckers
Every single day

I wasn’t amused
Suffered abuse
Grey clouds of Leyland
Took my smile away
But at the concerts
Mainly Manchester
I let myself free
Is this even fair

But for all the misery
Between one gig and the next
I’d love to return
To see how bad was the train wreck
It was another time
It was another place
More relaxed
Better than today

Maybe back then
I just ignored the news
No internet addiction
Just loads of booze
Getting over 25
And staying alive
Then came the shit
To my surprise

Who’d ever thought
I’d live to 2021
After the crap
I’ve shamefully done
A long line of misery
Friends walked away
Now I’m locked down
For 400 days

It seemed so simple
Looking on back
Life has got complicated
Better watch my back
Everything computerized
Noone speaks any more
We are all failed artists
That we can’t be no more

Trapped in a cage
Thinking too much
Where did the years go
Was it all bad
Looking back
Feeling raw
Feeling down
Can’t take no more

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet