We were fresh out the factory and also fresh out of school
We all went down the Stokes to play a bit of pool
We drank dirty dear water every bloody night
When the jukebox stopped we all got into a fight

We went to the bog because we were all full of pee
John with his pink gloves down on his knees
Some turd had gone and blocked the drain
The barman was freaking out all over again

After eleven o’clock struck we got a take out
Oi ! Youngster get the ale in, it’s your shout
Even if it was cold and the weather wasn’t nice
We’d sit on the frozen swings covered in ice

On Bent Lane Rec
We all got wrecked
Causing mayhem to the residents around
They would send the law immediately down

We would peg it into the back streets
Or maybe over the railway bridge
Slipping and sliding us ugly drunken fools
Now we tell our kids that we never broke the rules

Sometimes we slithered up Hunters Road
Over the motorway and the squalid caravan park
Stocking up on chocolate and cut price crisps
Nearly getting knocked down by a blind motorist

Most of the time we were on Bent Lane Rec
One time someone almost broke their neck
It was cold and our socks were sopping wet
Full of shit thanks to the local pets

There was a time we raided the Eagle and Child
They even served pints of mild
It all went well until we all got barred
We were just drinking not trying to be hard

Another episode when we got into the neighboring town
All sorts of trouble in the Warehouse went down
Got on the wrong side of a bouncer and he made me flat
I don’t think he ever forgave me for calling him…well that…

So we hid in the dark on Bent Lane Rec
No chippy open near to us without a trek
The local chippy only opened for the mums
They had barm cakes bigger than their bums

So we had to make do with prawn cocktail crisps
Pork scratchings and the smell of dog piss
Somebody vomited in the bin that held a broken umbrella
It was unusual for him, Terry was normally a good fella

In the end all the lads got engaged one by one
Sitting on the swings alone was no fun
The Stokes closed down and someone set it alight
Sometimes I miss the drama of every night

Down on Bent Lane Rec
It’s had a make over
The railway bridge too
Wonder what the new kids get up to

Maybe too cold for this lot
Tucked up warmly in their cot
Mommy got a video camera on their son
On Instagram is where they have all the fun.

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet